Auryaun’s Place on YouTube Has a New Channel Trailer

And we happen to think it’s adorable even if it does borrow heavily from a culture of which we are not personally a part. We mean no disrespect.

The Heartbreak of Silence

Our conversation hadn’t exactly ended on that awkward point, we had talked a bit more and ended on the more usual and banal, “talk to you soon”. I didn’t expect it to be the next day, or the next, as I knew I’d made things weird. This is typical for me, as I feel as though I see things as they are and I say so. Kind of in a Naked Emperor way, if you will.

Getting Metaphysical, Unit One: How the Universe Works

I’ve wanted to start this series for some time, but there was always something that pulled me away.

Illusion by Paula Volsky: Chapter Eleven

Eliste finally succumbs to Feronte’s summons, and their assignation takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, the defenses of the Beviere itself are crushed, while the Exalted within attempt to escape the teeming hoard that is determined to speak with King Dunulas.

Vloggy Vlog: Venturing Outdoors and Encountering Canada Geese and Rapist (allegedly) Ducks

I venture out into the wondrous world to engage with nature and tell you what’s new in my life, and a host of Canada Geese and raping rapist ducks sing an accompaniment in the beautiful sunshine.

Tarot Tuesday Week of June 23, 2020

This belated Tarot Tuesday was especially powerful

Suspiciously Arreligious People

There’s a certain manner, a certain niceness, and yet a specific insistence that they do not believe in any sort of spirit/beyond/God principle/scripture, regardless of whether or not they experienced any sort of religious upbringing or had done any kind of spiritual searching themselves at any point of time in

My Strange Week of Pain

I’ve had this pattern ever since my cancer surgery back in the summer of 2017, where I get this terrible cramping that intensifies over the course of about 10 days, to the point where I’m really suffering and can’t stand the act of sitting up—until I can barely stay off

Tarot Tuesday: Week of June 16, 2020

Join me as I lay out a Celtic Cross for us all to see what the upcoming week might hold. This is the first of what will be a regular feature on my YouTube Channel, so you’ll want to subscribe to keep abreast of my readings over there. Next week, I plan to do it live, and you won’t want to miss that one! I’ll also work in subscriber questions in the future.

Illusion, by Paula Volsky: Chapter Ten

What starts as the narrow escape of Shorvi Nirienne in the Eighth District, turns into a demonstration and then a full march of the people of Shereen upon the gates of the Beviaire, and we see The Crowd Queller use his terrifying device.

Republicans Come Out Against Trump

This is a tremendous win for the Biden campaign, and a huge loss for Trump. It’s awesome to know that there are GOP members who will stand up for what’s right.

Illusion, by Paula Volsky: Chapter Nine

The People’s Reparation Party has grown in power, and the Cavalier vo Meureille tries valiantly to convince Eliste and Zeralenn to leave Shereen. Meanwhile, Feronte sends a peculiar gift to Eliste that seems she can finally accept.

Another Heat Advisory

Climate change is a real thing. I won’t argue whether it’s man-made. We’ve done plenty to pollute Earth that it’s shameful to have that argument.

Dear Diary, Feeling particularly empty today…maybe it’s just COVID blues?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of using hand sanitizer everywhere I go; having to wear a mask every time I go out; having to disinfect my shoes and purchases every time I come in…being constantly vigilant in order to not become ill or to (gasp!) become

Here Are Some Good Things In My Life

What does social anarchy have to do with gardening?

I’ve Been Feeling Unproductive Lately

Not much in the way of blog posts or podcasts this week, simply due to the fact that I spent so much time on this one little thing that most likely will net me fuck-all.

Illusion, by Paula Volsky: Chapter Eight

We finally meet Whiss v’Aleur, the firebrand philosopher and editor of Neighbor Jumalle’s Complaint, which has caused such a stir among the lower classes in the streets of Shereen. We are also treated to a shocking display of magic from a surprising source—and we see the darker side of magical

Illusion, by Paula Volsky: Chapter Seven

Eliste gets to meet her fellow Maids of Honor and attends her first levee for Queen Lallazay, wherein she learns of the distressing news that is spreading around Shereen.

Tarot Tuesday: Week of May 5, 2020

A simple 3-card spread for you this week to highlight the main areas of focus. Card 1: the main focus for this weekCard 2: the main issue or blockage this weekCard 3: the main gift for this week This was a very beautiful reading for me to give, and very

Illusion by Paula Volsky: Chapter Six

Eliste is finally presented at Court, where she meets the imperious Duke Feronte, and witnesses a display of magic that leaves her wondering. Meanwhile, Shorvi Nerienne makes a hasty escape.

I Hit A Wall This Week

I’ve been going through my YouTube videos and creating custom thumbnails for them using Canva. I can’t spend a lot of time doing this, which is why I’m just using an online tool, but I still find it a bit too much like my old design job, which caused me long-term and somehow traumatic injury. But I’m mostly having fun doing them.

Illusion, by Paula Volsky: Chapter Five

Wherein Eliste finally meets her indomitable grandmother, and sees the shocking reality of non-Exalted Shereenian life. (Please forgive my recording quality, I’m trying to find the right equipment.)

Illusion, by Paula Volsky: Chapter Four

Where Dref Zeenoson’s flight from the Derrivale Estate is curiously questioned, then accepted, while Eliste must find another ladies’ maid and finish preparing, and then travel in excitement to her new post in the wondrous city of Sherreen.

Illusion by Paula Volsky: Chapter Three

Where Eliste solicits the help of her curious Uncle Quinz to aid in the release of Dref Zeenoson.

Illusion by Paula Volsky: Chapter Two

Wherein Dref Zeenoson tries to intercede on behalf of Zhen Suboson to the Marquis vo Derrivale to belay Zhen’s punishment for reading forbidden and inflammatory pamphlets, and ends up being punished himself.

Illusion by Paula Volsky: Chapter One

In Chapter One, we meet Eliste vo Derrivale, the daughter of the Marquise vo Derrivale, and member of the Exalted of Vohnar, as she prepares for her upcoming ascension as ladies maid to The Queen next week.

Tarot Tuesday: Week of April 28, 2020

Join me as I lay out a Celtic Cross for us all to see what the upcoming week might hold. This is the first of what will be a regular feature on my YouTube Channel, so you’ll want to subscribe to keep abreast of my readings over there. Next week, I plan to do it live, and you won’t want to miss that one! I’ll also work in subscriber questions in the future.

How The Dragon Was Tricked

Just sit back and relax while I tell you a tale of a very clever young man Listen now

Vloggy Vlog & chitty chatty chit chat

Come hang out with me for a bit while I sip some morning tea and chat about the shelter-in-place, how I got my name, what the deal with my bathrobe is, and a few other things.


Many of my fellow Christians in America have warned me over the years of exactly that, often telling me: “I feel sorry for you, because when the Antichrist comes you’re not even going to recognize him!”

The Cat’s Elopement

Two kitties seek to find happiness together. Read from The Pink Fairy Book, which attributes this tale to Japan Listen now

Reconfiguration: Original Song by Auryaun (new video version)

I’m excited to bring you a new video version of this, as I get closer to the release of my upcoming EP, “The Story of Swallow”. It’s taken me years to release this material, and I’ve felt stagnant as an artist all this time, so getting the album out is

The Sprig of Rosemary

This tale comes from The Pink Fairy Book, which states its origin as Spain, 1885 Listen now

Little House on The Prairie, Ch. 7: The Wolf-Pack

Pa makes a visit to other settlers in the area while the family enjoys their newly-built home. That evening, they have a frightening encounter with the local wildlife. This is the last chapter I have of this book, as the other files I’d recorded have been lost. With positive feedback,

Coronavirus: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We are a society. We are one people. The homeless are a part of this society, and in fact, are a direct result of the way that our society currently functions. It’s our issue to solve, like it or not. Whether it’s through an income tax, a sales tax, a property tax (I like this one), or a combination of all of them, we need to house all of the people in our society. Housing is a basic human right, and leaving these people to suffer is a crime against humanity.

Little House on The Prairie, Ch. 6: Moving In

There are several chapters missing here, as the files became corrupted somehow. The family moves in to their newly-built log cabin on the prairie before there’s even a proper roof. Pa feels more strongly than ever that he’ll always want to live on this land. Pa decides the Big Woods

Little House on the Prairie-Ch. 2 Crossing the Creek

The family encounters a surprise when crossing the creek. This book was the basis for the popular television show by the same name. There are themes in the book that describe attitudes that would be considered backward and racist today. It is not the intention to either highlight or censor

Confession Booth | Vloggy update and general chit chat

Just a short update on what’s been going on, along with my plans for this Channel. I really hope to start things back up again, this time with more regular content. Let know what you might be interested in seeing,

Mary I’m the Bull | original song by Auryaun

This is a song I wrote in 1996 that I want to share with you here. I think the lyrics speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Welp, it’s been close to a month now: how we doin’?

So then I’m in a place where not only can I not connect, but I am some kind of burden to society, a freak of nature, a huge misfit, unable to be my true self with anyone, anywhere.

Little House on the Prairie-Ch. 3 Camp on the High Prairie

The family has traveled far and long and Pa finally selects the perfect place to settle. They make camp one last time before building a house. There are themes in the book that describe attitudes that would be considered backward and racist today. It is not the intention to either

Moosic Loops | For Flash Videos (bye-bye Flash…)

These are a series of loops I created for use in Flash videos. Each loop was designed to either play continuously through a video or simply fade. I hope you enjoy them. (Let’s drink a farewell toast to Flash…ah, my good friend, you shall be missed. Badger badger badger badger

Picture Postcards | Acoustic Version: an Original Song by Auryaun

One of my most recent songs, written in early summer of 2009 (songwriting isn’t a quick process for me) while I was recording “i am me/am i not?”. This track didn’t make it on the album and I’ve wanted to share it with you for some time. I plan to

Confession Booth #6 | Tales from the road: Where I talk about insomnia and gratitude

Made using YouTube Capture

Little House in the Big Wood: The Wonderful Machine

The harvest is a busy time, and Laura’s father arranges to have a machine help with the work. This is one of the later chapters, as the earlier sound clips have been lost. With positive feedback, I’ll consider re-recording them, so you can enjoy the whole book. Laura Ingalls Wilder


This song is “Unnamed”. It’s very raw and emotional. I wrote it in 1993. I have yet to get a great studio version of it, but I’m planning on putting it on a future album. Possibly on “The Story of Swallow”–not sure. “Swallow” is taking an interesting direction at the

Confession Booth #5(?) | Losing count

Made this one via YouTube Capture. I got really comfortable recording these in my car (my “confession booth”), and I was using an app on my phone to record and upload these, but there wasn’t a great interface at the tie to give much of a description–I’m trying to add

About being the light in the darkness…

I’ve held fast to this notion that we need to create more beauty in the world, and that beauty is the only thing that really matters.

Little House in the Big Woods-Harvest

It’s harvest time, and there’s lots to do. But one child decides it’s more fun to play than work, and finds a heap of trouble for doing so. This is one of the later chapters, as the earlier sound clips have been lost. With positive feedback, I’ll consider re-recording them,

Hip-Hip, Hooray! What a frustrating day!

I wasn’t a happy camper when I had to head over to said pharmacy and was just in a lot of pain, so I grabbed what I needed and headed back home to get a cozy as I could. Luckily, it’s raining today (a strange thing for the SF Bay Area in April, though not unheard of).

The Tightness Within, New Version: an Original Song by Auryaun

Around late 2011, I felt that this song was a bit incomplete, so I wrote an intro verse. I’m no longer sure I like it, but here it is for you to ponder and/or enjoy. Or not. No obligations. I’m still incredibly frustrated with myself as a musician. It’s a

Confession Booth: General Update

It’s nearing the end of summer 2011, and I still haven’t finished my EP due to my chronic pain condition.

The Tightness Within: an Original Song by Auryaun

I went through a long period of time without singing. At all. Quite a few years, actually.

Public-health physician urges more targeted and less of a “shotgun” approach to stemming the pandemic

I’m reblogging this to hopefully widen the audience as I was heartened and shocked by some of the views expressed by the physician interviewed. How we are handling this epidemic could be vastly more intelligent and effective. What we’re doing at the moment will create unintended economic consequences that will

In The Morning: an Original Song by Auryaun

While I’m putting this out here in the world, the vocal melody has serious issues,

President says, “Don’t be threatening. Be nice”

When the reporter points out the blatant “error”, he spins it as though she’s attacking him.

Confession Booth: Sleepless in Silicon Valley

Come, my friends! Come hear my tales of woe and insomnia! Is it just me?

So, two whole weeks have gone by in relative isolation…

But most people are much, much more social than I, and I can imagine they’re going a bit stir crazy right now.I actually love being at home and just hanging out, but that’s not what the majority of people enjoy.

Blood and Stars: an Original Song by Auryaun

Written around 2009, this is a song about obsession and boundaries.

Still Sheltering (natch), Day 5. So what's with all the people?

Why are people just walking around and shit, like there’s nothing going on?! There’s this constant, and I mean constant flow of people during he day going past my window on the sidewalk. They’re just strolling around. Maybe that’s harmless? Am I being too cautious?

Okay, if Day #4 was on 3/21, that makes today…um, Day #10!

I got home and went back into MailChimp, only to find that I’d automatically sent out the “thanks for subscribing” email out while I was shopping. YOW.

Shelter-in-place, Day 4: How are we today?

I was resolute, nay destined to conquer its disgustingness. I entertain the thought that I did so, by applying the well-wetted semi-cloth to the keypad in a vigorous, circular motion, being certain to not only hold the thing in such a way as to prevent any direct contact with the filthy surface

Day 3 (of 21) Shelter-In-Place: Still going fine, as you’d expect

It would go like this: you’re just about to finish up having completed evacuating your bowels, when another girl and her friend come in. (It’s never done alone, always with at least one other person, preferable only with one. Too many others and it seems like you’re just a random bully.)

This is why I might not vote in November Kyle Kulinsky adroitly argues why the progressive movement might choose to sit at hone come this November. The DNC needs to shut up and listen this time. In Secular Talk, Kyle Kulinsky lays out the major points of the progressive movement’s disappointment with the current surging and support of

The Low Residue Diet

Standing at the pantry, Feeling oh so uninspired / Want something hard and crunchy, God forbid it send me ERird (Ogden Nash, eat your heart out) Okay, so I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2017. I had surgery in May, spent all summer healing from that (Worst. Ever.) and

Welp, my area is now under a three-week isolation/quarantine

I’ve never gone through this before, but starting this morning at midnight and going until April 7, we are instructed to stay in our homes as much as possible. Grocery stores, banks, and other types of “essential services” will remain operational, but we are to limit our use as much

A bit of bedtime

A little Danish fairytale to relax you (or terrify you, depending on your sensitivities) at the end of a long day. I make quite a few of these and will update the blog regularly. I hope you enjoy them.

What do you do when you don’t feel like creating?

I created this blog with a lot of initial energy, but today I have none. There are things I know I need to do, such as record a new chapter for my podcast (I got laryngitis and had to skip a few days but I seem to be over it

My first real post

So here’s my first proper blog post. Today I sat in my front yard for a while, listening to some ambient music while going on my pipe. Yes, it was cannabis. I’m a cancer-survivor. Cancer was a rough thing. It I guess you already figured that out. For me, I

Give a listen: Blood and Stars

I wrote this song a few years ago during a stressful time in my life, when it felt like I couldn’t manage all the demands life was putting on me: Motherhood, working, relationships. Especially relationships. I’ve been in a number of highly abusive relationships over the years, and it took

Here it is!

My next post. I’m quite proud /s. My apologies to the photographer. I have lost your info.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

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