The Tightness Within, New Version: an Original Song by Auryaun

Around late 2011, I felt that this song was a bit incomplete, so I wrote an intro verse. I’m no longer sure I like it, but here it is for you to ponder and/or enjoy. Or not. No obligations. I’m still incredibly frustrated with myself as a musician. It’s a passion for me, but IContinue reading “The Tightness Within, New Version: an Original Song by Auryaun”

Give a listen: Blood and Stars

I wrote this song a few years ago during a stressful time in my life, when it felt like I couldn’t manage all the demands life was putting on me: Motherhood, working, relationships. Especially relationships. I’ve been in a number of highly abusive relationships over the years, and it took me a long time toContinue reading “Give a listen: Blood and Stars”